Started working on a new and yet secret icon set. In case you have the best idea to name the set: ping me!
World's first iconset created in inVision Studio There is a new design tool in town. InVision Studio is on its way to become every designer’s darling. Studicons is the first full-vector iconset cre...
There are plenty of great interface icon sets available for download. Squircular brings joy to the icon game without being the next circular icon set around. While looking freshly organic, all shap...
At the end of 2015, Reputami was acquired by eKomi Ltd.
Spoke at the World Usability Congress 2019 about the harmonization of the discovery and delivery of digital products, as an update to the talk in 2018.
Spoke at the World Usability Congress 2018 about how UX Design can become part of the Scrum Process without falling back into a waterfall-like process.
Together with his partner Ali Saffari he is the founder and former managing director of Reputami, a reputation management SaaS for the hospitality industry, which was acquired in 2015.
Raised a seed round for Reputami with Deutsche Telekom hub:raum and STS Ventures.
Created the foundation of the Helios Design System for Trusted Shops that is now built and maintained by a cross-functional UX, content and development team.
Harmonizing the discovery and delivery of digital products at scale.